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About Bene-Fit

Bene-FIT Health & Fitness was created with the sole purpose of raising the standard of training by providing the perfect platform for our members to achieve whatever goals they set out. Everyone at Bene-FIT has a passion and desire to look, feel and perform the best we possibly can through the highest quality training and nutrition. Our expertise and knowledge provide the perfect opportunity for you to start enjoying and getting the best results from your training.

We are the only gym of its kind locally, with state of the art equipment and any sportsman or woman looking to achieve their true athletic potential should use this as their training centre.

We understand about the struggles that people have within a gym environment that’s why we make it our number one priority that you get the best advice and support needed. We look to create a hard working, challenging but most importantly, a fun environment for our clients to enjoy. We offer individualised training programmes and diet plans that help assist and educate our clients during their time with us.